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The Fours PreK program is for children turning 4 between October 1st and September 31st.  The program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten by helping them grow as social beings, acquire confidence in body and mind with large and small motor skills, learn through creative art experiences and dramatic play, anticipate consequences, express feelings in an acceptable way and develop independence.

The program is offered Monday through Friday from 9:15am -12:00pm.

Four's Program


The curriculum is designed to stimulate the natural creativity and curiosity within each child. It is structured to allow each child free choice decisions, to formulate and express ideas, to encourage independence and to develop problem solving skills.  Project topics include Physics/Science Concepts, Diversity, Art Expression/Fine Art, Animals/Hibernation, Plants/Gardening, Taking Care of the Earth, Space, Architecture and more.  Curriculum goals include:


Cognitive Development: 

  • Exploration and investigation

  • Engagement with the environment, people and objects

  • Seeking out new challenges and novel experiences

  • Cooperate with peers in group learning experiences

  • Understand cause and effect

  • Identify similarities and differences

  • Recognize patterns

  • Solve problems, choose and plan

  • Be flexible

  • Develop working memory

  • Regulate attention and impulses

Social Development - Encourage positive interactions in conversations and cooperative play, self discipline and respect for others.

Literacy / Language - Encourage pre-reading skills through phonics, writing, participation in conversations and quiet reading corners.  Exposure to other languages and cultures through games, storytelling, music, cooking and art.

Mathematics and Science - Build on math concepts including matching and grouping objects, measuring, sorting, counting, patterning and comparing (more or less).

Social Studies / Science - Provide opportunities to explore the community and encourage critical thinking about teh natural world through observations, experimentation, predictions, measurement, cause & effect and mapping.

Creative Development - Provide opportunities that allow children to engage and express themselves musically, visually, spacially and through dramatic play.

Physical Development  - Develop large motor skills and core muscle strength and stamina through running, jumping, climbing, balancing, swinging, throwing and exploratory walks.  Develop small motor skills through writing, manipulating small objects, cutting and drawing.

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