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Five Mile River Nursery School was privileged to be the first nationally accredited preschool under the new assessment standards in CT and one of the first 17 in the nation.  We offer 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's programs.  We also offer extended day enrichment programs as well as a Summer Camp.

We follow and infuse an evolving mix of the Bank Street Method, Creative Curriculum and Emerging Curriculum into our classrooms.

Our mission is to provide a warm, nurturing and engaging atmosphere allowing children to be creative and adventurous learners.  Our goal is to inspire self confidence, curiosity and a love of learning.


Our highly trained, caring and enthusiastic teachers are valued for their knowledge and commitment to working with young children.

All teachers have extensive early childhood education training and experience.  Our teachers take into account the unique capabilities of each child and are attentive to strengths and passions.

The qualifications of Five Mile River Nursery School teachers include:

  • Credentialed Administrators certified with the Connecticut Director's Credential at the Masters Level and at the Standard Level.

  • Program Staff includes teachers with Child Development Associates; Bachelors Degrees and Masters Degrees.

  • Staff education and experience range in fields including Social Work, Special Needs, Literacy and Science.


Caring Teachers


Small Class Size

There is significant research that supports the impact of individual attention on both academic performance and the child's natural curiosity and comfort level in the classroom. Learning is memorable with greater individualized attention and teachers are better able to assess a child's needs.  By looking at the children individually, we encourage autonomy, supporting them in all areas of development, thereby achieving a positive self-image.

Kindergarten Readiness

We are pleased to report in the findings of the Norwalk Transition to Kindergarten research based on early screening of Kindergartners, that children who attend Five Mile River Nursery School show a high degree of preparedness for the rigors of Kindergarten and enjoy future success in school.  Kindergarten teachers describe students who attend our school as "well rounded, outgoing, at home in the school environment and possess a high sense of self esteem.  Five Mile River Nursery school children bring a wide variety of knowledge and experience about many different subjects to school and the are willing to try many new things."


Commitment to Health

The Commitment to our student's development goes one step beyond by offering only organic foods as snacks.  In cooperation with Whole Foods Market in Darien, we are proud to be a leader in our community by nourishing them inside and out.

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