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As you explore our website we hope you have discovered what makes Five Mile River Nursery School such a special place.  Above all, families choose our school because we are a close-knit community.  At our school students and parents develop friendships with one another and meaningful relationships with their teachers.   


Our parents are actively involved in all aspects of the school from fundraising and event planning, programs, curriculum and more.  We come together within a safe supportive environment to form the Five Mile River Nursery School family. 


We will place children from the 2s into the 3s, the 3s into the 4s, and 4s into the 5s considering first the needs of all the children and then based on the following priority system: 

  1. Children of Rowayton United Methodist Church

  2. Children of Five Mile River Nursery School Council Members

  3. Siblings 

  4. Male / Female balance

We also consider if the child is a sibling of children presently or previously enrolled and the teachers recommendations for the appropriate placement for the child, based on age and development.


If all priorities are equal, a collaborative decision is made with the Administration and members of the Nursery Council as to placement for each child.  Thereafter, children are placed by lottery.  

FMRNS does not discriminate based on ability to pay, physical disability, race, creed, family status or national origin.  We make every accommodation possible in order to provide a well-rounded and appropriate preschool experience to include all children.

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