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An afternoon Kindergarten program at Five Mile River Nursery School is offered Monday through Friday from 12:15pm -5:15pm and includes a lunch bunch program where students bring/eat lunch with their teachers and classmates.

Kindergarten is a time of change, challenge and opportunity.  At FMRNS our teachers are responsive to the developmental, individual and cultural needs of each child.  Kindergarteners are able to make great intellectual leaps and they go through major shifts allowing them to show more personal responsibility, self-direction and logical thinking.  

Kindergartners' growth affects development physically, socially, cognitively and linguistically.  A positive, challenging and engaging Kindergarten experience can shape a child's overall outlook on and engagement in lifelong learning.

A typical day in the FMRNS Kindergarten program may include a walk to the park to engage in a relay race in which children use stop watches, clip boards and writing implements to time, record and evaluate math principles of time, greater than/less than and to use developing literacy skills to write words to describe the experience.

We use these experiences to scaffold learning in the academic domains of literacy, science, social studies and math.  The thoughtful, sensitive approach of our teachers promote a joy of learning that prepares children for further academic challenges.  

Our program fosters both the social and academic development necessary for children to proceed to the first grade and beyond, equipped with the ability to apply their learning effectively within the social environment in which we live.

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