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Chikako joined the staff at Five Mile River Nursery School in 2011.  Previously, she worked with young children for five years in an Accredited Child Care Center.  She enjoys being a witness to and part of children's growth and development.  She is constantly learning and relearning with the children, helping her to become a better teacher and parent.

Both of Chikako's degrees (a Bachelor's and a Master's degree) are in fine art.  She has always enjoyed making objects, but especially the process involved in the making.  Her practice is about "process with an emphasis on pragmatism."  Miss Chikako loves to cook and considers her cooking an extension of this as well; it is a creative outlet, but one that makes sense and is of necessity.  

Chikako Morioka

Chikako oversees Five Mile's mid-day enrichment with Miss Martha.  Her goal is to make the enrichment learning experiences fun and interesting.  She is also in charge of Ooey Gooey Art on Tuesdays (late afternoon enrichment) and tries to live up to the title, encouraging children to get messy in good and productive ways.  They love it!

Both she and her daughters enjoy Marc Brown's "Arthur" series of books because of their realistic dilemmas and practical solutions.  They also love Holly Hobby's Toot and Puddle series for its innocence.  

In addition to teaching, spending time with her daughters cooking and getting creative, Chikako enjoys any and all kinds of physical activity.  She is a firm believer that the mind and body go hand in hand.

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