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Our Mission

Five Mile River Nursery School provides a warm, nurturing and engaging atmosphere allowing children to be creative and adventurous learners.  Our school focuses on the development of the whole child: intellectual, social, emotional and physical.  Our goal is to inspire self confidence, a love of learning and a meaningful engagement with the world

Five Mile River Nursery School follows an evolving mix of Bank Street Method, Creative Curriculum and the Emergent Curriculum.  Our goal is for children to develop a frame of reference of ideas, knowledge, problem solving, motor and social skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning.


Our Approach


Five Mile River Nursery School was privileged to be the first program in the state of Connecticut, and one of the first seventeen in the nation to be reaccredited under the new NAEYC standards.  The new standards require programs to meet 80% of over 400 strict criteria in Ten Standards to be awarded Accreditation.  Five Mile River Nursery met the criteria by an average score of 98%.  Accreditation is valid for five years.  Programs committed to Accreditation are committed to meeting the highest standards for quality in education for young children, birth through age eight.



When your child is so excited about school that he even wishes he could go on Saturdays and Sundays, you know that you have found the perfect nursery program.  I couldn't ask for a better introduction to learning and education for my kids. 


I am so impressed by FMRNS nursery school.  The program is so well thought out, particularly with respect to how they make learning fun.  My children think they are simply playing, but every detail of how that "play" translates to the building blocks of learning is the difference that FMRNS offers.


I always say FMRNS is a little slice of heaven.  It is such a special place where children are treated with respect and appreciation.  The teachers foster an environment of freedom to explore, create, and develop self-confidence.  We feel very lucky to have found FMRNS for our kids.

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